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3D Cerkno Valley view



Hike on top of the 1632m peak of Porezen takes about two and a half hours from the village Poče, or only two hours from Zakojca. The cabin on top of Porezen is open mainly during the entire summer. In March there is a traditional hike on top of Porezen in memory of the tragic events that took place there during World War II. A beautiful view spreads out from the top of Porezen. In clear weather you can see all the way from the Julian Alps to the north, to the Adriatic sea to the south. During Spring and Summer the hill is covered with mountain flowers and if you are very quiet there is a big chance you will hear or see some wild animals like: Black Grouse, Capercailzie (Wood Grouse), Golden Eagle and Chamois. On the route to the top is a suitable take-off point for paragliders, and in the winter, ski touring is available.
Planinsko društvo Cerkno 
5282 Cerkno 

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The panoramic dimensions of Cerkljansko hribovje offer picturesque options for relaxing trips with your bicycle. Friendly locals persist to live in this beautiful and remote environment, connected by steep hills, numerous churches and chapels, gorges and remarkable panoramic views. The aragonite Ravenska cave; gorge Pasice with its partizan hospital Franja; the home of Slovene writer France Bevk in Zakojca and the Zaganjalka spring; are only a few attractions of Cerkljansko hribovje. And many hidden, undiscovered corners still wait.

The bicycling route On the trail of the flute and caverns, leads through the diverse Šebreljsko-Krniška plateau. The vast plateau is trapped between the thick woods of the Vojskarska plateau slopes in the south and the Cerkljansko hribovje on the north. It excites with staggering views and wild gorges. Šebrelje is known for their specialty: Šebreljski želodec; and even more for the archeological finding Divja Baba, a carst cave where a Neanderthal flute was found.

The club was founded in 2006, by its three founding members, which were joined by the love for bicycling and other outdoor sports. Today there are over 20 members. The club competes in and hosts various bicycling events. They also build and repair downhill tracks. In the future they hope to focus more on the young.
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RibolovThe river Idrijca, with its beauty and purity, attracts many visitors and water sports enthusiasts (kayak and canoe). Because the river is rich with fish, it is a true paradise for all sport fishermen. The specialty of Idrijca is the true Soška trout, which is being bred in the stream in Zakojca gorge in Zakojca.

Ribiška družina Idrija
Srednja Kanomlja 34
5281 Sp. Idrija
Tel.: +386 5 374 23 76







Jadralno padalstvoParagliding is the easiest way to fly. You could see the Cerkljansko hribovje and the river Soča valley from a bird’s perspective, which is something many people only dream of doing.
Take-off: (in the Cerkno region)  Porezen – Vrše, Ski centre Cerkno, Gora nad Gorjami
Landing zones: Gorje, Cerkno (opposite the former gas station)

Flying in tandem is the ideal solution for all those who wish to experience paragliding first-hand. You can fly over our hills with one of our experienced pilots. Tandem flying is exciting and filled with adrenalin. Flights usually take off from Kobala nad Tolminom or from Porezen. We use state of the art equipment from Ozone.

The price for a tandem flight is 80€.

Viharnik Paragliders
Ivan Lahajnar
Straža 19
5282 Cerkno
M: 00386 41 521 995


To read more about summer activities in our region, please go to:

Aljaž Laharnar - Apartma Foni, Cvetkova ulica 35, 5282 Cerkno

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